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C.O.R.E. Questions To Ask Yourself Whenever You’re Faced With Adversity



Since 1987 Dr. Paul Stoltz has been studying the effects of adversity on humans around the globe.  In his years of studies he has found that the amount of people consumed with stress in their life due to everyday adversities is about 91% of people just in the United States alone.

In his books Dr. Stoltz explains that there about four different levels of handling adversity.  Avoiding adversity would be the first level and this could be by any means of procrastination, calling in sick, and many other various forms of avoiding our obstacles.  Coping with adversity would be the next level and this form could involve someone who just manages to get through a tough situation but really is this is only a slightly better way to deal with adversity than the ones who avoid the whole situation.

The third level involves managing adversity which would utilize a form of control to handle an obstacle which in the end the is eating away at the person regardless of their manageability of the situation.

People working at the highest level actually harness adversity and use it as fuel such in the way that Steve Jobs and Apple turned obstacles into opportunities. Dr. Stoltz has found that what he has coined as Adversity Quotient is entirely more important in life as well as enterprise business than Intelligence Quotient.

People that harness obstacles and adversity into fuel for producing opportunities have the highest adversity quotient and are far more resilient.  In 26 years of studying human interactions with adversity what Dr. Stoltz has found is that once people have reached the level where adversity becomes their fuel they never revert back to old thoughts and behaviors.  Not one single person who has learned to hardcode their train of thought when dealing with adversity has ever gone backwards to any of the lower levels of how to handle obstacles and adversities.

The best way to hardcode your train of thought whenever faced with adversity is to utilize every time what Dr. Stoltz call the C.O.R.E. questions on yourself.

Control – What are the facets of the situation that I can potentially influence?

Ownership – How can I step up to make the most immediate positive difference

Reach – What can I do to minimize the downside? Maximize the Upside?

Endurance – How do I get past this as quickly as possible?

Watch the video above and click here to learn more.  And if you are ready to take action with me then together when can turn our adversities into fuel which will take us to our own determined destinations.

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